Learning Zero-Waste with Bare Necessities

At Bare Necessities, we seek to create environmental and social impact by offering zero-waste solutions to empower local communities and to change the mindset on sustainability in India and beyond.

Join us in our vision to transition communities to a waste-free environment!

Let's make zero-waste the norm, not an exception.

What is Bare Necessities Learning?

Education is one of the key components in becoming aware of all that happens around us. Bare Necessities Learning is an initiative of Bare Necessities that strives to create and share educational content, which is accessible to wide audiences, who are looking for ways to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Why Zero Waste Education ?

We all care for the environment, but we may not be fully aware of the environmental problems around us, or, if we are, how to get started to become part of the solution.

Our online course breaks this entire overwhelming concept of zero-waste down, in a step by step process, by looking at different areas of our own lives.

'Zero Waste in 30' Trailer


A glimpse into a Bare Life