Learning Sustainability with Bare Necessities

At Bare Necessities, we seek to create environmental and social impact by offering zero-waste solutions to empower local communities and to change the mindset on sustainability in India and beyond.

Join us in our vision to transition communities to a waste-free & sustainable environment!

Let's make sustainability the norm, not an exception.

What is Bare Learning?

Education is one of the key components in becoming aware of all that happens around us. Bare Learning is an initiative of Bare Necessities that strives to create and share educational content, which is accessible to wide audiences, who are looking for ways to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Why Sustainability Education?

We all care for the environment, but we may not be fully aware of the environmental problems around us, or, if we are, how to get started to become part of the solution.

Our online courses breaks this entire overwhelming concept of sustainability down so we can all become part of the solution, not the problem!

Our online courses

Zero Waste in 30

Have you realized that our actions can have huge impacts to moving the world to a more sustainable world? A course that walks you through various aspects of your own life, from personal care routines, to home care, to your occupations, lifestyles and more. Using expert insights, practical and easy DIYs, hands-on activities and 100+ sustainability resources! Start your zero waste journey and never look back!

Leave with a Certificate of Completion!

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Sustainability in 30

A course that takes you through various sustainability concepts such as what sustainability actually is, the role and development of renewable energy, greenwashing and communications, and equality and its role in moving to a sustainable world. Using expert insights from the field, to thought-provoking hands-on activities, and a variety of researched resources for your learning!

Leave with a Certificate of Completion!

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Sustainability Resources

Learn from a wide array of well-researched and documented videos and articles to add to your sustainability toolkit

Expert Insights

Learn from a diverse network of well-renowned and hard working experts who share their personal experiences and challenges so we can apply their learnings in our lives!

Practical Activities

Practical activities that helps you put the knowledge and resources into perspective, while learning from your peers and the Bare community!

A glimpse into a Bare Life